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Technology for Musicians

Filippo Zanetti,

Via Ca' Rossa 54, 47121 Forlì FC Italy

Partita IVA:  04193600402

Smart Tone Shaping

Innovative Patent-Pending technology allows you to:


- Clone the tone of any model of guitars (including vintage/artists..)
Use your current guitar, no need to install any Hexaphonic Pickups or to buy any special models of instrument
Revolutionary technology to match the real target tone, by shaping it around your preferred guitar

Tones currently available:

- Fender Stratocaster USA

- Fender Strat HM

- Fender Telecaster

- Gibson Les Paul

- Gibson 335

- Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion

- Gibson Es 125

- Gibson L4

- Gibson J200 - Acoustic 

- Benedetto Archtop 7 strings

and many more to come...

- Vintage instruments , artists instruments 

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