XT-1 goes MIDI

Are you a MIDI fanatic? then here’s a big news!!

SIM1 has just released a new firmare (2.44) allowing Xt-1 to read Program-Change MIDI commands via the most popular MIDI-to-USB adapters, and to re-route program Changes as a midi-through feature.

You can find the New Firmware and the updated version of the Editor for PC/Mac (to edit the MIDI program for each preset) in the “DOWNLOAD section of the website!

Following adapters were tested:

– M-Audio Midisport 1×1 USB
– M-Audio Midisport UNO USB
– Roland UM-ONE mk2
– Prozor MIDI-USB adapter

with Kemper Profiling Amp and Midibuddy pedal board.

Have fun!!

SIM1 Team


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