XT-1 (Super Black Friday Offer)

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XT-1 Super Black Friday Offer, with Free Shipping to Europe !!! 

Your order will include:

  • XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting & Amp Modeling
  • Free Shipping in Europe
  • 4.15 Firmware Version (includes 3 Amp Models, Ir Cabinets Emulator, Overdrive, Reverb, Tone Ctrl)
  • Configuration Software 4.04 > Real Time Editing
  • SIM1 Guitar App
  • 12 Certified Guitar Tones (30 banks/pickups)
  • Coupon to get 10 additional Target Guitar Tones, from the SIM1 Sound Store
  • 99 banks memory
  • Power Supply (12V/1 A)
  • MIDI Program Change compatible through MIDI/USB interface (not included).
  • USB Dongle Wi-Fi receiver, for PC or Mac Connection and I-phone or Android Connection
  • Guide and Video Tutorials
  • Two year warranty
  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee (Terms and Conditions of Sale)
    NB: for EU orders is charged the Italian VAT rate. In case you own a valid EU-VAT number, please write us an e-mail at info@sim-one.it. Please note that there might be local duties/customs/local taxes applicable on the shipment to your country and you will be responsible for payment (if any).


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With the firmware 4.15 is now possible to connect Wi/Fi your PC or Mac to the pedal, running a Real Time Editing, through the Configuration SW. This gives the opportunity to Select your Source & Target Guitar, add effects, select the Amp model, modify its parameters, listening in real time to any sound adjustment. The introduction of Amp section, Overdrive, Reverb, Impulse Response Cabinets, and Tone controls, allows to connect the XT-1 directly to a PA, to a Powered Speaker or to a Sound Card, and to use it as a stand-alone pedal for guitar.

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