Play with the tone of your dream Guitar or Bass!

With XT-1 and XT-B your guitar will sound like the finest guitars of your dreams. It’s not midi, and it’s not sampling: it’s an innovative technology never seen before.
We call it Smart Tone Shaping (STS – our patented technology), and it allows you to perfectly emulate the tone of any guitar of your choice, allowing you to play naturally, with no latency or digital artifacts.
Keep playing your own guitar, but enjoy the freedom of a whole world of tones.

XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting XT-B Bass Tone Imprinting

On-Board Amp Models,
Overdrive and More

XT-1* and XT-B include a built-in effect menu with 3 Amp Models, IR Cabinets, Overdrive, Reverb, and Tone Control.  You can do your own set-up directly from the pedal. Connect your XT-1 or XT-B straight to a powered speaker or to the PA, and use this device as stand-alone pedal !!

*Firmware Update 3.0

XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting XT-B Bass Tone Imprinting


First, connect your personal axe to XT-1 and create a Guitar Tone Imprinting in a minute.

Just play a special chromatic scale, 6 notes per string, covering a relevant portion of the guitar extension range (see pedal instructions for tutorial).

Then, choose your favourite guitars from XT-1’s pre-loaded sounds and start playing: rock the house with the sound of legendary electric guitars, like a Gibson SG 1973 or a Musicman Axis, and then swich with a stomp to a superb acoustic guitar, like a Martin D35 or a Gibson J200! It’s up to you, and choices are endless!


During the World Greatest Musical Instrument Exhibition, XT-1 has been
awarderd with the Best in Namm for the category Add-On or Accessory.


The great innovation is our proprietary technology “Smart Tone Shaping“ – patented - and what we call “Learning procedure”. This procedure allows the SIM 1-XT1 to shape the tone of your dream Target Tone around your own guitar. Now your pick-up will really sound like that one of the instrument you are interested in!



In each bank of XT-B and XT-1 you can match different bass/guitar models to a different IR CABINET (Additional IR can be uploaded through the Editor for PC/Mac). Then complete your Sound with a natural REVERB and the OVERDRIVE based on TS9 model.


XT-1 has a wide backlit display, stomps to surf across all the functions of the device, “true bypass” and a USB port, to back up your settings, and to add other guitar sounds.


There's nothing in the market with such a qualitative sound, which is the result of years of research. XT1 is the only pedal able to grant to musicians an infinity variety of guitar sounds, without any latency in terms of signal response, and without the need of any invasive item to be placed on your guitar body.

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